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Vocal-Star Wireless Quartet Set - Multi Format Karaoke Machine with 4 UHF Wireless Microphones and 150 Songs

Vocal-Star Wireless Quartet Set - Multi Format Karaoke Machine with 4 UHF Wireless Microphones and 150 Songs
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Manufacturer Description

VOCAL-STAR 800 Is Easy To Use &Has:Built in Music Equaliser ,Choose from Pop Rock Jazz or Classic ,Go through your disc's menus easily and faster with controls that are built-in to the front panel & Remote Control -Not Your Bulky Karaoke Machine - We think practical when designing our products ,CD+G to MP3G & DVD to AVI Converter - Go digital! Convert all your CD+G discs into MP3G and store them on external hard drives , SD Card or USB. Simply place your CD+G into the disc tray and encode directly to your choice of storage device. Just Choose the track or entire disc.Will also convert your Music CDs into MP3 Can Score Your Singing. Faster Ripping Speeds - Capture a CD or CD+G disc to MP3 or MP3+G at 1x or Rapid 8x speeds .HDMI Port - Allows 1 connection from player to your TV for both audio and video, including microphone audio. You can turn any HDMI Monitor into a karaoke screen. Sending audio signal digitally, you are getting the best sound quality without any interference.. Play Last Recorded Track - Just push a single button after recording to playback. No more spending lots of time going through menus, leaving more time to record. Full MP3G Support - With MP3G becoming the new standard for karaoke because it is easy to store and transport, the Vocal Star 800 will play MP3+G from CDs, DVDs, USB drives. Full 1080p - Pictures are displayed as clear as possible up to 1920x1080 resolution Using the HDMI output. One-Button Filtering - Press a single button to filter and display only pictures, video or audio on your devices. Cue On Function - Player will stop at end of each track to wait for your next song selection. Major functions are available on the front panel.14-Step Pro Digital Key Control. Front panel inputs. Song List creator - Will also sort your mp3g songs from a storage device into A-Z and create a file so you can print out song sheets for your guests.

Product Features

Vocal-Star 800 Multi Format Karaoke machine Plays All Karaoke Discs Including the Downloadable MP3G 4 UHF Wireless Microphones Inlcuded - Echo & Key Control Records Singing & Copies CDG/CD Discs To Mp3/Mp3G & Can Score Your Singing Print Your Song List and Jukebox Feature -Easy To Use & Setup - 150 Party Songs Included