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Visual Now Next and Later Board AAC (Picture Communication Symbols)

Visual Now Next and Later Board AAC (Picture Communication Symbols)
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Manufacturer Description

A simple timetabling tool, designed to make transitions from one activity to another easier for the individual to cope with. If someone understands what to expect, and can view activities for themselves rather than relying on those around them, it allows them a sense of understanding and self determination which can reduce stress. This A5 board has space for the current activity (now), the following activity (next), and also an activity that will take place later on that day (later). A simpler board is also available with just the 'now' and 'next' activities. This board can also be used with your existing PECS symbols. this product, like all our products, was inspired by some of the difficulties we have gone through in raising our own autistic son over the years, and includes a lot of strategies that have helped him to cope with some of the challenges life can bring.

Product Features

All corners have been rounded to reduce the likelihood of scratches. Reduces anxieties and negative behaviors when the individual knows what to expect. Boards and symbols all come with good quality sticky backed velcro, pre applied so products are able to be used immediately upon receipt. Highly durable, waterproof and resistant to grease.