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LEXIBOOK - LCG3000 - Electronic Chessgame Chesslight

By: Lexibook
LEXIBOOK - LCG3000 - Electronic Chessgame Chesslight
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Manufacturer Description

"An electronic chess game designed to easily learn to play chess while having fun!

The ChessLight is an electronic computer with touch-sensitive keypad, perfect to learn how to play or improve your level. ! With 64 game levels, it adjusts to your capacity and accompany you in your progression.

The ChessLight is a sophisticated chess game with assessment of your performance thanks to the ELO 1800 system. Its touch-sensitive board records the moves under the played piece and under the destination square of the move. Thanks to its 64 light diodes, you can see the coordinates of your moves and of those of the computer.

Learn how to play chess whatever your level is!

For children and beginners, learn how to play thanks to the 5 levels beginners , in which the computer incites the opponent to progress by deliberating giving up its pawns.

For the most experienced, the ChessLight also has an improvement mode, which indicate to the player if the move he played was optimal, and to attempt a new move after. It also allows to learn and practice the 50-move rule, the stalemate, the draw by repetition, the pawn promotion and the en passant capture.

It offers the possibility to play with 2 players or against the computer.

New functions for the perfect game experience!

Thanks to the many functions of the ChessLight, discover a new way to play chess:

Hint function: the computer helps the player by giving a hint.

Training mode: indicated if the move played is optimal.

Takeback function : allows to go back up to 2 moves behind.

Multimove function: to judge a game between 2 players."

Product Features

The leader in electronic chess games! Established and successful design, colours and light effects (64 LEDs) Progressive and comprehensive: 64 difficulty levels divided in 4 game styles, ELO 1800, learning mode (evaluation: if the move is not optimal, the player is given another try) All the rules! 50 moves rule, stalemate and draw the promotion of pawns and the 'en passant' capture Fun: Multimove function to referee a game between two players! THE invaluable product in your « Electronic Chess game» section. Timeless colours and design