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High quality Metal Spinning Top made of solid aluminum design by SuperEE

High quality Metal Spinning Top made of solid aluminum design by SuperEE
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Manufacturer Description

This elegant gyro of SuperEE is a timeless classic for young and old.

Made of a massive aluminum-metal block with the latest CNC technology, this high quality product will give you years of pleasure.

Create a moment of rest at any time or allow yourself to concentrate better.

You will be surprised how big the effect of this small object can be.

The gyro is very easy to handle and you can quickly develop your own technique to allow it to rotate evenly and long.

However, be warned, there is addiction;) if your ambition has grabbed you, you will constantly try to break your own record!

Executive, we offer the manufacturer SuperEE Germany you here at Amazon this gyroscope

Product Features

Designed from passion to play, shapely and timeless, created for eternity Made of a high quality aluminum with an additional surface treatment. Available in titanium silver and soon also in metallic black Get a resting pole in the hectic everyday life: once set in motion, the gyroscope seems to stand still and defy any laws of physics - with this approach of magic he will captivate you The rotation of the gyroscope has an extremely calming effect, whereby it can help you relieve to stress. It also provides a very simple and effective method to focus or refocus How long does it turn? Find it out, and write to us - Kreisel